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What is included in the placement expenses?

One of our goals in to make the experience of volunteering as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. So we aim to keep our costs as low as possible. All the SLV team were once students or recent graduates so we know you’re not make of money!

 4 Weeks5 Weeks6 Weeks8 Weeks10 Weeks12 Weeks
Teaching Placement
Includes TEFL Qualifications (£189)
£ 900£ 1200£ 1250£ 1350£ 1400£ 1450
Mental Health Placement
Includes Field trips & Workshops
£ 1050£ 1400£ 1450£ 1500£ 1750£ 1900
Graduate Mental Health Placement
Includes Field trips & Workshops

Not available

£ 1900
Special Needs Placement£ 800£ 1100£ 1150£ 1200£ 1250£ 1350
Occupational Therapy Placement
Includes Additonal Field trips & Workshops
£ 950£ 1200£ 1250£ 1350£ 1450£ 1500
Special Needs with Performing Arts Placement
1 Additional Music & Dance Class
£ 1000

Not available

The SLV team welcome participants from around the world. To see the prices in US Dollars & Euros. 

What's IncludedNot Included
Food & Homestay Accomodation Sunday pm-Friday am
We live with 6-15 people per home. Breakfast and traditional Sri Lankan dinner is provided during the week
Approx £450 - £750
Our incredible national staff are on-call 24/7
Entry Visa
Direct from the Sri Lankan High Commission £45
In-Country Training
3-5 days training per placement plus additional workshops
Travel Insurance
£30 - £70
Jungle Weekend
First weekend spent together; think white water rafting, rock sliding & BBQ under the stars
Daily Buses
Volunteers fund their own transport to and from projects roughly 50p - £2 a day
All volunteers staying over 30 days need a volunteer resident visa. We will apply on your behalf and the cost is Rs20,000 (£100)
From the airport to your homestay, to workshops and the jungle

How does SLV keep prices low?

  • We are lucky enough that people recommend us. Over 70% of all volunteers hear about us through word of mouth, so our advertising costs are low.
  • All UK assistant coordinators are volunteers
  • You stay with local families who cook locally sourced food.
  • SLV receives support from other organisations, for example the NYSC in Sri Lanka, to provide training and facilities
  • We do employ people from Sri Lanka and the UK to support volunteers, because, although affordability is important to us, we know how essential top-quality training and support is to all our volunteers

To find out more about where your placement fees go click here. 

How much spending money do volunteers need?

We always advise our volunteers to ‘live like a local’ by using public transport and eating local food. You’re in Sri Lanka! You can eat burgers at home. Local living is not only much cheaper than using taxis and eating at tourist hotels, it also enhances volunteers’ experiences of the real communities they are in. As a bonus, you’ll be putting money into the local economies rather than into the big hotels and tour operators.

Spending money during the week: £10 – £12

This will cover daily: lunch or rice and curry (50p – £1), bus ride to projects (8-20p each way), 1.5L water (70p).

Spending money at weekends: £35 – £45

Volunteers spend their weekends travelling the incredible Sri Lankan landscape and the good news is that doing this is fairly inexpensive.

Less than £50 will cover: Beach guesthouse, for 2 sharing: approx £5 each per night. Western food is a bit pricier £5 per person (You can find cheaper or much more expensive food if you wish!) The A/C Highway Bus from the SLV base to the beach: £2.50.

Why pay to volunteer abroad?

The way we see it, you’re not actually paying to volunteer, as the money goes towards food, accommodation, around the clock support from our Sri Lankan and national team, plus all the training and support. Going away with a team also affords you the chance to share the experience with a group of volunteers.

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What is included in the placement expenses?

One of our goals in to…

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